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How can businesses utilize online marketing to tackle Corona-virus Crisis?

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Are you worried about your business turnover? Or getting new clients? Or online marketing? Well, it’s about time, because the Corona-virus and its impact is not a speculation anymore. It has crept into the daily lives of people all around the world and disrupted ‘life’ as they knew it. Not just personal lives, but professional too. While on the personal front, the homeless are the worst affected in these times, in the business world, it has been the small scale businesses.

If you own a small business that you have been nurturing through your dedicated time and efforts, then these can be very challenging times. The business today has almost come to a standstill with the only window open for Digital services and operators.

The Best way to respond right now

Amid a countrywide lock-down it is impossible to get out, and understandably so. Now that the conventional methods of working are not possible, it is time to get creative. While it might be tough to keep the operations running, you can dedicate more time to your marketing strategy. Online marketing is one area that can keep your business very much alive and in the game. Here are some simple steps that you can follow to make a rock-solid online marketing strategy and keep your business healthy and running-

Be Visible

The first and foremost, the most important thing is to make sure that your business can be easily found online. Keep your website and other handles up to date. If you are someone who isn’t on the social media yet, this is the right time. Utilize your home quarantine to give your business a new life.

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Amp up the social media marketing

The power of social media was steadily on the rise, but now that everyone is locked in their homes, it has increased manifold. The social media handles of your company would be the perfect way to keep your customers engaged and informed. Interaction with your customers would go a long way in creating a favorable brand image. This medium can also be used to post updates about your fight with COVID-19. After all, everyone is in this together.

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SEO- Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a constant, never-ending, stretched-out process of online marketing. But it gives you results. As a small business owner, you would want to rank as high as possible on search engines, and this lock-down enables you to create more content and spare more time to dedicate time to the on-page and off-page SEO activities on your company. The effort you put into your SEO activities now would pay off by attracting organic traffic a couple months down the lane.

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Remember your neighbour

 Because travel is quite literally impossible right now, local SEO would do your small business a world of good. Local SEO strategies, customizing your business for ‘near me’ searches would ensure that you can form or retain the local customer base in the area of your operation. Everyone would appear to approach a business near them rather than replying on their reviews and brand status

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Stay positive and ethical

While these strategies would help you execute things right, what would ultimately decide the outcome is the mindset with which you approach business problems. It is vital to understand that the Corona-virus affects everyone equally. This would be the worst time to even think about planning to leverage people’s fears for monetary gains. It would tarnish your brand image beyond repair.

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While there are undoubtedly numerous obstacles to keep your business up and running, there are a lot of opportunities. There is an opportunity to learn and adapt and grow. Switching to video calls, working from home, focusing on online marketing, etc., have allowed people to strengthen their work ethics, and learn on the job. Multitasking on the fly, and interacting with different people and departments would surely hone the communications and networking skills of just about everyone. There are benefits, should you choose to see them. It’s about perspective. If you are still wondering where do I begin from? How do I start? Speak to our experts today. They will help you with the best of strategies amidst the crisis. Book a free consultation today.

Stay home. Stay Safe.

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