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How to improve your digital presence in the new Digital India?

Digital India has been taking India and Indian businesses forward for quite some time now. Who would have thought that it would make us resilient and adaptable, and quite uniquely placed to tackle the COVID-19 situation? But here we are, battling the Coronavirus and maintaining our productivity while working from home. These unforeseen circumstances also present tremendous business opportunities, especially tapping into the domain of digital business. While we were slow-walking towards a digital business model, now is the time to run.

Digital India: How can you adapt to it?

Here we are highlighting some of the principles that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi outlined in his speech recently. These can not only guide businesses presently but would also provide a solid foundation for a comeback after the situation normalizes. Kudos to you if you are already working on a digital or virtual business model. However, there are always ways that you can improve. People who look to take the plunge in the coming time can also take away a thing or two. The 5 principles are in the form of 5 vowels of the English language, and are-


Constant up-gradation is often touted as the key to success by many.  Adaptability and flexibility in life are some of the many skills that takes years to master. Business models should also be similarly fluid to be able to adapt to any situation. One of the best examples of this is the growth of digital payment systems. Business across the country, big and small, have embraced this and its now a part of everyday life. Remember times when everyone wanted to accept cash, but times have changed. Everyone wants to accept digital money


Newer methods of working from home and conducting business online have ensured the efficiency of businesses. More often than not it has been observed that the overall efficiency of teams and individuals has gone up, owing to the flexible work hours and more transparent work scheduling. In a way, our working has changed, for the better. As a guiding principle for Digital India, focus on completion of work rather than spending a given number of hours in the office would give better results.


Coronavirus has exposed several sectors and industries. One of the most glaring insights has been the inclusivity with which business is conducted. Most of the top firms have failed to develop models that give opportunities to the underprivileged lot and remedying it should be on the top of the agenda when business resumes as normal.


Success is as much about perspective, as it is about execution. In order to create and conduct a successful online business, one must be optimistic and take problems as challenges on the way. Even a time like this presents an opportunity to grow and diversify operations to newer avenues (maybe which have been unexplored so far), what is needed is a bold conviction to keep pushing forward.


You probably would have heard it hundreds of times by now, that we are all in this together. With Digital India, going ahead, it would be vital to have a larger perspective of the thing. Your business model and applications are only as limited as your thinking. Global supply chains are a common thing now. It is time to think big for you as well.

Leverage Internet Marketing

Source : Government of India

Whatever your business interest may be, there would be a way for you to utilize online marketing to your benefit. It is one domain that has consistently performed in spite of the hurdles and has given significant results. Online marketing companies would help you gain the competitive edge you require, to scale up and grow your business like you want to.


The COVID-19 outbreak has allowed us to take a pause and think and re-think our strategies going forward. While others panic, this is the time to remain calm and explore new possibilities for a better future. Policies like Digital India would continue to support and enable businesses in the future as well. But the businesses would also have to do their part. The one thing that is for sure, the global business scenario would be very different from what we are used to, and this will be a change for the better.

Online marketing and adopting the best digital practices is the way of the future. To know how you can benefit, get in touch with our experts today.

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