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Digital Income : 38+ lucrative ways to earn money online.

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Thanks to the Internet, we still have an option of earning money online. Given the current situation of lock-down, if such a situation prevails We are going to hit recession soon. Prepare yourself and get digitally ahead.

Have you ever wondered that you should start freelancing? Wondered how it would be a good idea to take some simple assignments independently on the side, while you continue with your job? Or maybe you plan to quit your job believing that there are several ways to earn money online. Now a days, all you need is a laptop, an internet connection and the willingness to learn on the fly, and you can easily earn from home.

40 ways to earn money online.

No matter the profession you are in, there is always something that you can take up as a freelancer. Everyday there are more and more jobs in the digital domain, and projects that you can take up. Here is our compilation of 4 best mediums to earn money online. They are further elaborated by types of work you can undertake in that particular field.

Content writing

There is such a wide variety of content writing avenues that you are bound to find something for you surely. Content writing may involve writing short stories, blogs, website content, copy writing or even press releases. The list is virtually endless. If you are a beginner and just looking for new and easy ways to earn money online, be sure to check out freelancing websites like Fiverr, Upwork, etc. Let us look at different profiles you can take up under content writing

1.Write Blogs for companies

Major businesses require content writers to mark their digital presence. You can always look up on Internshala for part-time internships as a content writer for blog sites. You may also write for startups and small business that are looking for content generation

2. Copy Writing

If you are good with words, this is great opportunity for you. Major of freelancing sites such as freelancer.com and upwork.com offer writing copy for brands, websites, press releases, brochures and other professional text can help gain some good rewards.


If you have good command over language , and you are a fast reader. You can proof read articles and text as a freelancer. And the best part if you get paid per word for proof reading. The quicker you are, the more you earn

4. Partner with brand on Instagram

Ever heard the phrase “Content is King”, digital marketing is all about marketing the right content . And a huge mass of brands are looking out for content generation. Especially on Instagram, look out for openings. If need be contact small brands and approach them with your services

5. Video Marketing

The world is gaga over the video marketing. Amidst this lock-down, only video-streaming platforms are earning money in large sums. Ever wondered about those Youtube Videos that seem so interesting and valuable. Well, someone like you is writing content for them. Reach out to brands for collaborations or look for freelancing sites for such opportunities.

6. E-mailers

This is another way of earning money sitting write in your comfort zone. All those fancy emails that you keep receiving from the brand is generated content from content writers. if you opt for content writing for email marketing, remember you have to extremely good at it.

7. Create your own Blog

Why not? If you can offer your services to other brands and businesses. Why not use the expertise to build your own niche. No, you don’t need to invest. Various websites like WordPress and Hubspot offer platforms for free to create your own blog. Your blog would reflect somewhat like this “diginetic.wordpress.com“. Just in case you are looking out for exclusivity, we can help you build affordable blog sites and earn money online

8. Podcast  

Ever heard of audio-books or recorded webinars. Well this is one of those and this requires just your voice , you can record podcast as a freelancer for other brands or you can create your own podcast FREE OF COST. Just make an account on Anchor , and start recording . And go ahead and monetize it. This is one of the best ways to earn as it has very less competition

9. Sell an Ebook

It is very content writer dream to get content published under their own name, well this is your chance. Go ahead and write an eBook. You can use Canva to build an eBook, free of cost. The E-book has to be of 10-12 pages minimum and once you content is ready, sell it on Amazon Kindle and earn sitting at home.

10. Enter competitions

The lock-down has opened up various opportunities for individuals as brands are organizing contests, essay-writing and competitions to build engagement. When you scroll on Instagram next time, keep an eye on such lucrative competitions, they offer a lot of good rewards and cash prizes


Designing is another field which has a booming business for freelancers. Various kinds of designing work can also come your way, like website design, graphic design, User interface design, or even comic strips. The more work you do, the more clients you can get through word of mouth. Let us look at different profiles you can take up under Designing

Source : www.payoneer.com

11. website design

If you are someone who has an eye for designs and have knowledge of creating websites, you can offer your services as Freelance web developer. This works on one-time payment concept, but you can always offer maintenance of the website on a nominal cost that would generate a regular pay for you

12. Landing Pages

This is definitely one of the most lucrative ways to earn money, Landing pages become one solution between successful and failing businesses , you have to be extremely good at your designing and well-optimized while presenting the clients idea. All those who earn 6 figure incomes design landing pages for clients . If you wish to learn the art of designing, we can help you with most basic and easy ways to start

13. Logo Designing

Logo is something that speaks about the brand. It is their identity and no brand can survive without a good logo design. You can offer your services on freelancing website such as logaster.com and some earn good money for your creativity

14. Social Media Manager

Content that appeals is the content that sells. You might write a very engaging content but if it doesn’t appeal well, it won’t sell. That is where social media managers come into play. Designing the content into a frame is the need of the hour

15. Affiliate Marketing  

You can not only earn by offering your products or services. You can also sell other brands services and products through affiliate links. An affiliate link gives you commission on every purchase made through you . Create a valuable poster design and start selling their products/services

16. sell your photos online  

Unleash the photographer in you. Click and design pictures that would sell. Each brand needs pictures for their brand, blog, magazine and every digital media presence they have. Look out for websites that buy images in exchange of a price

17. Teach Designing  

With online webinar taking tolls, try teaching basic designing skills to beginners. You can organize your own webinars through Zoom/Skype or you can register on websites that offer online tutoring

18. Land up a client

Offer consulting services to brands , advise revision or corrections in their online presence if needed. Tell them how can you be beneficial in their growth

19. Freelance

Working for one company invites lesser income than working for multiples clients does. Bid for your designs and projects on freelancing websites and get paid in dollars every time you offer your expertise to a client.

20. Get on Pinterest

This is one of the major design sharing platforms. You can drive a lot of traffic to your business if your designs are eye-catching and shareable. A lot of designers get hired in big companies after getting popular on Pinterest

Online instruction

If you are skilled at playing an instrument, or are a math whiz, feel free to make instructional videos teaching people. Instruction is a great way to earn money online without going out of your comfort zone. All you have to do is choose your trade, set up your website and design an instruction course for a price. People who sign up can benefit from your knowledge and you can make easy money. You can also teach students and impart tuition in live sessions online. Let us look at different profiles you can take up under this niche

online, education, tutorial

21. Online educational websites

Imparting education has become more easier in cyber world. There are multiple websites that offer a platform to teach online such as TutorVista and Pearson. You Can teach by organizing the content by grade level , lesson planning . You can also start a blog of your own. Don’t forget to keep and updated blog and connect with the like minded educators.

22. Webinars

A webinar is a versatile way of teaching Online . A webinar can be in form of a presentation, Workshop, lecture or discussion forum. You can use any Video conferencing software to take webinars and reach masses at once. It is a simple and Effective method of teaching online.

23. Short term courses

In the fast paced internet world, there is nothing that can restrain you to be permanent. This does not mean you are not reliable to your students but you can start short time courses. During this lock-down you can make money staying at home by giving classes for a course that would be for 1 or 2 months like simple cooking classes or anything you’re good at.

24.  Professional Coach

Share your experiences and by having the understanding Of people, business and marketplace you can deliver massive business growth to your clients by teaching them one on one.  With your experience , command and intellect you can help others grow their business And get paid. You can do this by videos, blogs any way that suits you best. If you are someone looking forward to take this up, get in touch today

25. Advertise Affiliate Links

It is not necessarily important for you to teach, you can be a professional coach and might not be interested in tutoring. In that case you can advertise affiliate links for other educational platforms. This is a way by which you earn a commission by marketing and promoting the brand or product of someone else. 3 parties are involved in affiliate marketing

You as a affiliate can advertise links in your blogs or website or personal social media platforms for the promotion of the brand/product and you get commission for sales made by the affiliated link.

26. Build your own Product  

First of all you should know what subject or niche you can target that you find profitable selling online. If you are not comfortable partnering with online educational platforms, you can always build your own product . Design pre-recorded lessons or prepare written E-Books. Your next step is to choose the target customers and the platform social media , blogs , videos etc.  for promotion and sales of your product you need to build customer trust to grow online.

27. Give Online Tuitions  

You can be the right Instructor and give expert guidance through tutorials. Topics to make tutorials on depends upon your skills and knowledge in a particular field. YouTube is one of the best platform to come up with tutorials. They can be a best guide in form of a video.

28. Create a blog and monetize it.

You have to gain respect of the masses and boost your authority in the respective industry. After driving the traffic to a blog you have to monetize the traffic that you receive. There are many ways to monetize your blog you have to choose the one that suits you best according to your followers visit per day. Some of the examples are Google Ad-sense, Selling e-books, selling products etc.

29. English Classes

Despite your respective field of study, you can always opt for teaching English classes. There is a huge mass waiting to master this language for getting hired and growing in the global world. This is a growing method these day for online academies. One can be a online teacher and get paid. You can teach over video calls being at your home. Due to the pandemic of corona virus even the schools are following e-learning.

Product Review

Well, it’s true. You can earn good money by reviewing products online. Even big e-commerce sites have reward programs that provide opportunities to people who wish to review products honestly and genuinely. You don’t even have to buy new stuff, just review what you use in your daily lives.

Way to earn money online

30. Online Paid survey – paidsurvey and mysurvey

You can earn simply by answering surveys . isn’t it amazing ? Online surveys are gathering the participants for personal and economic habits. This data helps companies for further actions. You can register on sites such as paidsurvey and mysurvey where in you can earn up-to $5 dollars per review. Stay alert don’t enter your credit card details before starting a survey. It can also be a scam.

31. Momsmeet.com

This website is a community of healthy minded moms. Here we get free samples of healthy organic brands all we have to do is give our valuable feedback on our blog and introduce our friends, family to the product. As a reward we also get health tips, attend online parties, we also get different coupons that we can redeem.

32. Get paid for searching the web

Digital world is so diverse that we can even get paid to search the web. Yes you read it right you can earn money by only searching and nothing else. Get money while surfing through the browser. Some ways to do It are –

1 . Swagbucks – You can download it and do your daily searches through this browser and earn Sb’s

2 Ask Wonder – You have to search the web and find right answers for the questions asked

3 Qmee –  We get paid for viewing the ad’s.

33. Panel Per Day

Panel Pay Day will pay you for reviews in five manners:

1. Online Surveys

2.Participate in a Focus Group

3.Participate in a Discussion Group

4.Become a Mystery Shopper

5. Complete Online Tasks

It’s possible to earn up to $150 per task

34. Instagram influencer

if you consider yourself as an influencer you should have the ability to influence potential buyers. Instagram is a growing platform in number of users.  Brands , companies , service providers takes your support to promote their product and pay you in return. You can even sell your own products or services. Online fitness training can be a great example

35. Review Stream

This is another amazing platform that pays you to write in depth reviews about the products that helps the other customers for getting the details about the product.

Always remember

The first and foremost thing to remember is to choose a niche when you’re wondering how to earn money through freelancing. It is essential to be aware of your strengths and play on them. After this, you should determine your complete offering and make a strong portfolio, to target the clients you would define. It’s your own venture, treat it with care accordingly.

36. Stock Market

Primarily the way to earn is through capital appreciation which means the gains made on the capital when the share price rises. Stock marketing has become a easy way to earn with help of some other applications like E*trade , Fidelity , Trade-station etc.

37. Photography Blog  

If you are a talented photographer you can sell your service through your blog. By posting your best clicks and being a mentor or getting a shooting assignment.

38. Food Blog

You can create your own food blogs and sell e- books with recipes , create your YouTube channel, like any other blog you can also earn by displaying ads using google Ad-sense.

39. Printing Merchandise  

Print on demand are just getting more and more popular. One can start its own printing merchandise and print custom items according to consumers demand. Even you can be a intermediate between the merchandise and the consumer keeping your own profits. You can make a lot of profit even when  you are not shipping the products directly.

40. Start your own Business ( Zero Investment)

The internet is a pool of opportunities and you need to grab one. Select a niche and apply strategies that suit your niche best. And the best part is begin with Zero Investment . You are someone waiting to execute your dream start up, get in touch. We will help you grow your business


As we have mentioned, there are several ways to earn money online. Of these online money making ideas, decide what you can do well. In the beginning it is advised that you do not give up on your full-time engagement and take up freelancing on the side. With time, when you feel comfortable and can manage a stable income, you can switch to a full-time freelance career. Remember, your experience would be rewarded in the industry very well.

Online SEO and content marketing are some of the best ways to boost businesses and earn money online. To know how you can benefit, get in touch with us today.

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