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While during this pandemic many companies are facing losses. Yet there are some small businesses that are developing and making profits. What we need to understand is HOW ARE THEY DOING IT? You just have to figure out the best marketing technique that will involve low investment and make high profits. In today’s diverse world we can learn and figure out the marketing techniques from the leading brands and companies and can implement those techniques into our own business ideas with low investment but at the same time, we have to use our own tricks to stand out and make our brand value in the market.

Techniques to learn from the leading brands

1. Brand- coca-cola / Technique- Personalized products

Everyone has heard about the leading brand coca-cola which was founded by “John Stith Pemberton” on 8 May 1886.  This brand has been developing over the years. Coca-cola launched a share a coke with campaign

It was first launched in Australia in 2011. Most popular 150 names in Australia we’re printed on soft drinks bottles. This was done to make a better and more personal relationship with the consumers.

In 2016 a new variation of the campaign was introduced in the U.S. as the ‘Share a Coke and a Song’ campaign, with popular song lyrics printed on Coke bottle

Now recently coca-cola has launched a new variation in share a coke with we can order our own personalized coca-cola bottle by entering our name on the website and it will be delivered to our doorstep within 7-14 working days. Our name will be printed on one side of the label


Implement this technique in your small business and see it’s growth expand. An emotional connection with a consumer attracts more sales than a brand with more quality but less emotional connection. Personalized items can be Introduced in your small food packaging or any other business also.

2. Brand – Apple / Technique –  Have a clear vision and anticipate what people need.

Apple is the number one global brand and we have a lot to learn from its success story and implement in our small business ideas.  Apple did not have an easy success but its founders were visionaries. It’s also worth noting that Apple’s marketing has always been stunningly good (take as an example the ‘1984’ TV commercial that first aired during the Super Bowl that year). Its products aren’t cheap, but they are stylish and have a devoted following. Steve Jobs’ genius was in anticipating what people wanted before they knew they needed it,


First of all, we learn from this that you should have a clear vision of your brand or business. You should have the quality to anticipate what people need. Apple products are expensive but at the same time, they provide style and quality.

If you are satisfying your customer you’ll get the price you need for your product.

To follow in Apple’s footsteps in your small business, you need a deep understanding of your target market. Know what your customers do in their spare time, what music they like, what they care about, and where they congregate online. Analyze this data (and use your intuition) to determine what your target customer group needs and would appreciate.

3. Brand – Good day Biscuit / Technique – Situational Marketing

 Always connect your marketing strategy with the current scenario, which makes the consumer relate to your product/ service in a much better space. Recently good day biscuit launched an add “Thank you India k khushibaaz” which displays how people in different professions are spreading smiles through biscuits.  From the beginning of the ad, they talk about people being strong-willed distributing good day biscuit packets during this pandemic. Kids, doctors, policemen everyone is shown in this add. This is an emotional strategy to attract customers.


The most important thing is to make sure you do not hurt your customer’s sentiment, plan your campaign very strategically and in good intent. Try having an emotional bond with your customers in your small business.

Let’s talk about the current CoronaVirus situation, a lot of brands are planning their entire marketing technique around the situation of COVID-19. Another example is Dawat rice, an advertisement commerical where a mother is grateful to the Indian doctor for taking care of her daughter while she in quarantine.

Easy way out, you can write blog posts, or a blogger can do this for you this will make an emotional bond with your consumers. Write blogs according to the situation around the globe to gain more attraction of the consumers.


All great minds had an inspiration once, use these brands as your inspiration and START TODAY. In an era when everything is Digital, the ball is in your court. It is a time when the E-Businesses are playing a major role, a good marketing strategy is the only way up the ladder. In the industry of top leading brands, you can grow your small business. There are many options in which you have low investment and high profits always take learning from the leading brands and modify their tricks in your own way that suits your small business in the best possible manner. Just have a clear vision and work with the changing demands around the globe.

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