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Have a laptop and an internet connection? 5 simple ways to start freelance work during quarantine.

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How is the quarantine going? We hope that you are willing and able to work and not simply stuck at home with no job. Granted, there are not a lot of options to even work in such tough conditions, but freelance work surely is something which has not been severely affected by the lock-downs around the world.

While people all over are scared to lose their jobs, freelancing has emerged as a simple way to pursue some online jobs from home. It might not seem like a viable prospect to everyone, because let’s face it, we all are used to working out of offices. Having to work a limited number of hours a day and then shut down completely. Getting out of your comfort zone would be tough, but there are several freelancing sites (such as freelancer.com and upwork.com) and online part time jobs that can make your life easy.

The New Era of work : Freelance work

For all the skeptics out there, we have prepared a guide to freelance work, which would help you get a kick start and would resolve some of your doubts. Here are some vital points-

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Freelancing jobs, while inspired from the conventional, are not usually the ones that you are used to. While it may be easy to think of an online job from home without investment, it would require you to adjust your skill set according to the market and the medium. Sometimes, it can also mean that you would have to learn some new skills. For example, teachers would have to get the technical know-how to understand and leverage online applications to deliver classes.


Because you would be competing against a lot of freelancers who have been in the trade for a while now, it would be important to create your own work samples, portfolio, or blog, or even a website. Social media descriptions would allow recruiters to understand your profile and see if you are a good fit. A lot of websites, like Fiverr.com, have a big list of online jobs from home. Utilizing this platform, for example, would also require you to have some work samples ready.


Another helpful tip would be to know and understand that it is wise to explore your options and keep multiple opportunities of freelance work open. This ensures that you do not have to depend on any one source in times of uncertainty and can earn a steady income.


When it comes to freelance work, all you need is a laptop and a good internet connection. And of-course some skill set like mentioned earlier. And the best advice would be JUST START. keep hustling and you will get the desired results soon.


One thing to always keep in mind is to be accountable and honest with yourself. If you do not manage your finance right and take decisions accordingly, you’ll be inviting trouble. Our advice would be not to make any withdrawals from any long-term savings accounts, because that would make things worse in the longer run.


As important it is to leverage the freelancing opportunities right now, you must also understand that all of this would be over in some time. Thus, the most important thing when looking for freelance work to earn a little extra, is to stay connected to your network. The COVID-19 crisis has allowed people to understand the interconnections of businesses all over the globe. It is now more than ever that we need to stick together.

However, if the work of freelancing still seems intimidating, you can always get in touch with our expert team to understand your options.


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