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How to create websites and get your business online in 2020?

It’s the year 2020. The year marks a new decade, a new perspective, and new trends. One of the most prominent lessons learned over time is the importance of a digital presence. Websites are the most important aspect of your business at the moment. Your business website is like your visiting card, but more. It increases your visibility, lends credibility, and even boosts sales online. Even though a website is critically important a lot of businesses do not have one or do not maintain theirs. This also makes it important for you to know how websites are created. This would not only reduce your dependence on freelancers and website designers but would also equip you to have a better understanding of the possibilities when you seek outside help.

Websites made Easy

Before you go about creating a website for your business, it is vital to understand the requirements. Essentially you would need 3 components

Domain name– This would be your website name. For example, if you are a florist in New Delhi, you can check domain availability for titles like www.newdelhiflorist.com, www.floristofnewdelhi.com, etc. If you run a business by any other name, put that up and check for that website domain availability.

idea for domain name
An Idea is all it takes

Website Hosting– Website hosting service providers have their own websites like the GoDaddy website, Hostinger, etc. These are domain providers which host your website. The domain name and web hosting are both necessary to make your website available to everyone and ensure its accessibility. If you’re looking to create a website on a small budget, you can also explore free hosting platforms that are also available in abundance.

WordPress knowledge– This is a website building platform. Over a quarter of all the websites out there are created in WordPress, by customizing a pre-existing theme. This is time-saving and extremely cost-effective.

Get started, today!

Follow these steps!

Now that you know what you need, here is a simple guide of what comes next-

1.The first step is to choose a domain name. The name has to be after your company’s name (in case of a business website). This would not cost you a lot and most plans are on a yearly payment basis. You would also have an option to choose extensions like ‘.com’, ‘.org’, etc. These can also be country-specific, like ‘.in’, ‘.fr’, and so on.

2.After you have chosen a domain, next comes the website hosting service. This would be the private server that your website would be hosted on, and would ensure that it always stays up and running. Without hosting, you would not be able to make it accessible for others to view.

3. At this point, most website hosting providers would provide you an option to undertake WordPress work themselves, however, you can also download it manually and design your own site. You can add content pages for your business, and customize the webpages to your liking.

Once you have finished the edits in WordPress, your website would be completely ready to be up and running.


Getting your business online can be as complex as it is essential. Without a digital presence, you would not be able to grow and expand, and would forever be stuck in the bubble that you operate in. Websites are a great way to provide access to your services to a vast audience. It provides a problem resolution tool, right in people’s hands. So if you believe that your objective is to make people’s lives better, and you’re looking to take your firm to new heights, create/upgrade your website right away!

Granted, you know the fundamentals now. However, sometimes web design can still be incredibly complex. Do you want to have a light, and speedy website for your business as well? Contact our experts to avail professional and quality website development services!

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