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Can Blogging benefit your business? 15 benefits of blogging for small business owners.

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Blogging can be a great help for small business owners. The blog can be for anything a review, survey, questionnaire, product review, etc. It helps the owners to reach out to more number of consumers. There are some major elements to keep in mind when writing a blog –

Quality of content – Content should not be copied. It should be well researched.
Technical understanding– Knowledge of posting content like using appropriate title keywords, tags.
Length of a blog – You should select an optimum length so that you can have more keyword engagement around 750 words in general.
We can generate the best business ideas to make money or grow the existing small business ideas through a blog.


If you are writing for a small scale business blog post you should take care of the audience building, see analytics to see what kind of product/content people want. Let’s have a look at some of the ways –

1-Build an image of the product/company-
The best business idea to make money is a blog Itself. Blogging helps to show your personality, experience. Information that will distinguish your business from competitors. If you need to be known to your target audience your small scale business needs a blog.

Face of the company

2-Stay engaged – Through a blog post, we can engage our audience to our business with low investment and high profit. The blog helps us to stay in touch with our audience and know about their demands, complaints, needs, etc. We can do this through surveys, feedback, reviews, etc.

stay engaged

3-Low investment – Blogging has been constantly growing you can start any business in low investment. For example – Rani Ravindran from Tamil Nadu through her sheer determination and hard work has grown her business “Ravindran silks, kar – wooden toys” the small town lady runs her business from her room and now making it big.

Business growth

4-Create opportunities for sharing – Blogging creates an opportunity for others to share a link to your blog. This creates the chance of viral traffic through various platforms visitors can directly tweet, email, WhatsApp, etc the link to the blog.

5-Sell your skill – Through a blog, you can sell your skills and make money it can be your business idea with no investment and high profits. For example ‘photography‘. If you are good at photography you can start posting content which includes tips, locations, editing tips, etc. For better photographs. You can also post your clicks and get paid photoshoots.

Business growth

6-Help from business blogs to grow– There are thousands of blogs on the web from which we can seek help, understand them, and implement it in our own small scale business.

7-Take tips for your own business – We can do this through by other blogs, for example
• Becky McCray started small business survival blog
To cater to ruler entrepreneurs she wanted to connected to ruler entrepreneurs around the globe.

GUSTO – It is best known for providing payroll, benefits, and HR software for I’m all business. They also have an Ask Gusto section, where you can get answers to specific questions about payroll, benefits, and HR. These questions range from what an Employee Identification Number is and how to start an LLC to hiring interns legally, sexual harassment training.

Duct tape marketing – It shares actionable small business sales and marketing tips and advice. Topics range from content marketing and social media to SEO, PPC, and lead generation. For example – Marie folreo – She is a motivational speaker and an author who runs a multimillion-dollar business. She writes all content related to female entrepreneurs and personal development.

And there’s more…

8-Competitors Blog– We should always be researching our competitors. Stay updated with their blogs so that we can be better than them and win the race of business. Our priority should be to cover, the things our competitor is lacking in. If you win from your competitors, you can automatically make money on your small scale business.

9-Business websites– one can have it’s own sales websites where you directly sell products to the consumer but at the same time you can have different blogging websites to draw traffic to your sales website. You can explain and give details about your product, the benefits of your product in your blogs. Blogging websites will help you to engage more with consumers.

10-Tell stories about your business– This is a clever way to grow your small business, through your own business stories you can inspire people and at the same time grow your own small business. Presume that your products are made by a local artist or housewife tell your consumers about that so that they can make a deeper connection

business growth

11-Update frequently – You should be up to date about your business and your product so that consumers do not get stale information.

12-Build trust through blogs- You can gain trust and a connection with your consumers through blogs as blogs keep a good level of engagement between the business owner and
the consumers this can not be done through a sales website but later this relation/connection between the buyer and the seller helps to boost your sales.

13- Keep your Business blogs interesting – It is important to talk about your product/services in your blog but at the same time you need to keep it interesting you can use photos, videos, etc. To make it interesting. No one likes to read boring content.

14- Blogs prove you are an industry leader –
Content in the blog helps consumers to solve their problems. Each post that solves your
The customer’s problem addressed is a step close to build your business as a reputed one.

15- Higher a blogger – At last if writing is not your strength you can higher a blogger, content writer to take care of the blogging. As engaging with the customers is very important in today’s world to grow your small scale business
Blogs have become an essential element for any small business to grow. If you want to grow online sales while establishing yourself as an expert in the industry you need to take advantage of blogging as a market strategy

Business growth

Online marketing and adopting the best digital practices is the way of growing your Business. To know how you can benefit, get in touch with our experts today.

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